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December 2020

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As anyone seen Michael Gunson?

He has been missing and the last contact he had with anyone was with me on the 25th at 7.51am and nothing since, which is really not like him please if anyone knows where he is or have seen him about please get in contact with me or his mum

He has contections in leeds and manchester but could be anywhere
He has a beard with bald head brown eyes, yorkshire accent
Tattoos the distinctive ones are on his right arm and hand

There are concerns for veteran Michael Irwin. Michael, 47, was last seen in Bangor Town Centre, Northern Ireland, on Christmas Eve wearing a black beanie type hat, black jacket and blue trousers.

He is described as 5 feet 7 inches tall, medium build, bald and of pale complexion.

He known to wear black beanie hat and tinted glasses.

Any sightings or information please contact the PSNI on 101 on quoting reference number is CC2020122901589.

23/09/21 Sadly remains have been found and DNA have identified it as John Ross Dick.

On 30th November, my brother, Royal Marine veteran John Dick went missing around 6.30pm from Bury St Edmunds. We know he used his bank card and got a train ticket to Harwich, got off at Manningtree Station and then he waited on the platform heading to Harwich.
He made an online purchase on Tuesday 1st December and he was likely on Facebook on Friday 4th December as it was active for several hours in the evening.
John’s phone pinged on 4th December, but nothing since then. He has no car and little cash on him, so I feel sure that someone, somewhere has been in contact with him.
John doesn’t suffer with PTSD and there have been no indications that John would just leave, particularly when he thought his young family and wife still in the Norfolk area at the time of his disappearance.