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We have Euro 2020 Fantasy Competition where you just have to select 7 football teams from countries that you will think will earn you the points from the budget allocated.  Or we have the  Fantasy Euro Competition where you can pick 26 football players from 24 different countries from the budget allocated. Both Competitions can be accessed here.

For the Fantasy Euro Competition you need to pick at least 1 football player with a maximum of 3 and 9 players per position. You are allowed to pick a maximum of 3 football players from 1 country! Get the competition entry rules and entry forms click here Fantasy Competitions starts on Friday 11 June 2021

euro football 2021

 So you think you know about football? Then why not enter the competition and win cash prizes. See Game Details for rules. Don’t forget to check out the team and player stats and look at the Groupings participating.

You have a 70 million budget to buy 7 countries of which you think are going to win the most points. Win CASH PRIZES with a Top Cash Prize over £4,000 and many others. 

EURO 2021 starts with a group phase where 24 countries are divided over 6 groups of 4 countries. In the group phase the countries can win points in every match. If they win a match they will get 3 points and for a draw they will get 1 point.

After the group phase the best 2 or 3 countries per group will go to the so called knockout phase. For reaching the knockout phase (round 2) every country gets 2 points. See the points table for more details.

There is a guaranteed amount of £13,487.22 in prizes. The first prize will be £4,495.74 with a 183 prizes throughout.  Finally you can compete and win with your friends, colleagues and family £188.82 in the sub league classification. This is a great way to have even more reason to get involved in following the Euro 2021 Football Championship and grab the bragging rights in the office or at home. See more details here…

Round 1 Matches Points
Win 3
Draw 1


Knockout Points
Reaching second round 2
Reaching quarter final 6
Reaching semi final 8
Reaching final 10
Winning the final 12


Extra prediction Points
Winner EURO 2020 (Budget) 15
Germany Spain
Belgium, France, SpainSpain, GermanyGermany,
Netherlands, Italy, England, Portugal,
Croatia, Switzerland, Denmark, Poland,
Austria, Russia, Sweden, Ukraine,
Scotland, Czech Republic, Wales, Turkey,
Slovakia, Finland, North Macedonia, Hungary