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Latest Missing Pets Appeals

There approximately 1,000 posts per week of dogs stolen or missing. That is just  on PETS LOST AND FOUND NATIONWIDE UK (DOGS)  and there are hundreds of other lost dog groups all over the country. Below are just a few.

Please click on the coloured link or image shown below to see the actual post for more details about the missing pet. This is purely for awareness purpose and any follow up should be conducted with the person on the link which can be found as the accompanying date link to each of the posts.   see more>>

December 2020   January  2021

31 December – 5 dogs are stolen every day, that’s 1,825 per year. They can not all vanish. The majority of these dogs are alive and well and have been bought by people who may not realise they are stolen see more…

31 December – Lets get this puppy home

30 December – Dogs stolen 8pm tonight by people in a small light blue van from Tonmawr

28 December – The owners are desperate to find him,went missing near Stalybridge, Share to make him too hot to handle


Shelley went missing from Westland Green, Much Hadham SG11 on Tuesday 21st April 2020. -Nervous girl so please DO NOT CALL OR CHASE

30 December – STOLEN TRIGGER – MAPLE CROSS WD3 – Heartbroken

30 December – Kidderminster Area Please Bring this baby back to her rightful owner, taken without permission

Bedfordshire Police have ‘acquired’ these four dogs and have asked for their pictures to be shared in an effort to reunite them with their owners

All of these dogs have been failed by our microchip laws Stolen or victims of theft by finding they could now be anywhere, sadly living with an unsuspecting family

29 December – Anyone missing Spaniels, Terriers or Labradors should check out this post as dogs found in Waterford at a check point.