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Save Money On Your Monthly Bills & Expenses

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Very excited to be involved in bringing this amazing money saving eBook to the channel. Inside the 40 pages you will find an array of useful advice and tips across various ways to help to reduce monthly energy bills and other household expenses.

Also includes a Free Financial Planner that can be printed out as required. Inside you will find topics covering energy saving devices, efficient cooking methods, setting up workable monthly budgets and many ways to save on energy usage and ways to reduce consumption to lower the cost of household energy outgoings.

The Author wanted to be able to offer the price at an affordable price so kept it to a minimum of less than a price of a pint of beer. At less than £5 this is incredible in itself, but they also included a Financial Planner which in itself is available to buy separately at £3.

Check out https://bspoke-ebooks.com for more on this and other eBooks in the range.

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