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Oysters    Clams    Scallops    Lobsters    Crabs    Shrimps    Prawns    Crawfish    Sauces 

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Stewed Shellfish 

Oysters    Clams    Lobsters    Crawfish

Creamed Shellfish

Oysters    Crabs    Shrimps

Fried Shellfish   

Oysters    Clams    Scallops

Shellfish Salad

Oysters    Lobsters    Crabs    Shrimps    Prawns

Shellfish Soup

Oysters    Clams    Lobsters    Crabs

Baked Shellfish 

Clams    Scallops

Shellfish Pie

Oysters    Crawfish

Deviled Shellfish

Lobsters    Crabs

Scalloped Shellfish

Oysters    Lobsters

Escalloped Shellfish


are different in structure from bony fish, for they are acquactic animals that are entirely or partly encased in shells. They include ‘mollusks’, or ‘bivalves’, such as oysters, clams, and scallops, and ‘crustaceans’, such as lobsters, crabs, and shrimp.

Shellfish lend themselves admirably to a large variety of dishes, including soups, entrees, salads, and substitutes for meat dishes. They possess a great deal of distinctive flavor, their food value is comparatively high, and, provided they are in good condition and are properly prepared, they are healthful and easily digested. It can therefore be seen that shellfish have much to recommend their use. it is of the utmost importance that great care be exercised in selecting and preparing shellfish and to ensure  that they perfectly fresh and or freshly cooked.


All Shellfish Cooking Method Recipes For:

Stewed Shellfish    Creamed Shellfish    Fried Shellfish    Shellfish Salad    Shellfish Soup

Baked Shellfish    Shellfish Pie   Deviled Shellfish    Scalloped Shellfish    Escalloped Shellfish

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