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Crab meat is used for cocktails in the same way as oysters, clams, and lobster. In fact, no better appetiser to serve at the beginning of a meal can be found. To make crab-flake cocktail, remove the meat from the shells of cooked hard-shelled in the way just explained, and chill it. Then place it in stemmed glasses and serve with cocktail sauce.

Lift the shell at both sides and remove the spongy substance found on the back. Then pull off the “apron,” which will be found on the under side, and to which is attached a substance like that removed from the back. Now wipe the , and dip them in beaten egg, and then in fine bread or cracker crumbs. Fry in boiling fat from eight to ten minutes, the time depending upon the size of the . Serve with Tartare sauce. Or, the egg and bread crumbs may be omitted. Season with salt and cayenne, and fry. When broiled, are cleaned, and seasoned with salt and cayenne; are then dropped into boiling water for one minute, taken up, and broiled over a hot fire for eight minutes. They are served with butter or Tartare sauce.

Plunge the crabs into boiling water and leave for about ten minutes. Wash them carefully and remove the sand bags. Dry them thoroughly and for one dozen crabs have six raw eggs, well beaten. Dip each crab into the eggs and roll them in cracker dust seasoned with salt and black pepper. Fry a light brown, in boiling butter or lard

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