This group has been created to show solidarity between the UK and Ukraine. And to help find rooms under the UK Homing Scheme for Refugees who are displaced by the war in Ukraine.

Britons have been opening their homes to Ukrainians fleeing their country, as part of the “sponsored” humanitarian route to allow more refugees to travel to the UK. The route gives Ukrainians without family links to the UK the opportunity come to the country in order to escape the war against Russia. The sponsorship scheme, called the Homes for Ukraine programme, gives British individuals, charities, businesses and community groups the opportunity to offer rooms to those escaping the conflict.

Those who enter the UK through this new route will be allowed to stay with members of the public for at least six months. Sponsored Ukrainians will be granted three years’ leave to remain in the UK, with entitlement to work and access to public services. Click the below links to find accommodation in these areas, then click on the banner shown for more details about the offer and whether the property owner is able to act as a Sponsor. These are being updated daily with more becoming available every day.

I came across this on a Facebook Group site and thought this is worthwhile sharing:

I feel the need to express some things which I feel are very important but people don’t think of them just yet.
1. To Ukrainian friends do not pick a host based on the look of what they offer because looks nicer but based on THE PEOPLE you will be living with . People in UK feel the need to help but then REALITY will hit you both ! Get to know people via video as much as possible be fully honest about what you both like and dislike 100% honestly is needed from both sides so you both can feel comfortable and not trapped ! Imagine living together a hell for you both due to so many differences. Ukrainian and people in UK should both feel comfortable living with each other . Sometimes smaller house but better for you family will bring more joy to you both .
2. I spoke with a lady who wanted London and picked nice big host house in London but honestly do your research 20 % of houses in London will be specious after settling down you will have to search for a house to rent and AGAIN REALITY will hit you hard London is extremely expensive to live in rented flats are super tiny compared to other places in UK and moving from big house from your host family to a tiny rent house with crazy bills will be not fun . In our part of Europe average flats or houses have so much bigger rooms then in UK just so you know . Be aware of that .
3. To a host people and Ukrainian people remember we all have our own personalities our need to help and need to be helped is what is making you to make decisions now but after a month or two reality will be different to avoid uncomfortable situations for both sides please be fully honest with each other . Imagine being a host family where everything your guest do irritate you or imagine being a guest who need to walk on egg shells and can’t feel comfortable.
Compatibility is the key not the house room or flat . London may seem like the best place yet real living in London after you move out from host family isn’t all rainbows.

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