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This group has been created to show solidarity between the UK and Ukraine. And to help find rooms under the UK Homing Scheme for Refugees who are displaced by the war in Ukraine. See *Note below for more details.

WSM Homes for Ukrainians Group

A group for people living in Weston and Worle who have registered an interest in Government Homes for Ukraine Scheme and/or want to be part of creating a supportive and kind community here in Weston for refugees. It will be a kind and gentle place to share information and learning as we all travel this new road. Please do invite and share the name of the group to people you know who would benefit of being part of it.

Homes for Ukrainians Warminster, Westbury and Frome

This group is to bring together those who are sponsoring, or hoping to sponsor a Ukrainian refugee to come to our area to stay in safety to wait out the invasion by Russia or build new lives here if their homes have been destroyed. It is open to people in Warminster, Westbury, Frome and the surrounding area.

Click on the links below to see if Children, Infant, Elderly Guests can be accommodated by the Host and  to see whether the Host is able to Sponsor their Guest. Then follow the instructions on the UK Refuge site. The room availability is updated by UK Refuge and new Hosts are added frequently and the uptake is high for the rooms offered. So registering  on the site is advisable to get early notice.

*NOTE: Also if you email [email protected]  with the title either Guest or Host we will send you a registration form for SHUR.UK where you will be able to be included on the www.solidarityhomingukrainerefugees.co.uk  website and Facebook group. Which is a new service that Solidarity With Ukraine Group UK is offering currently being built. See the website for more details on the Room Cards and Guest Post Cards. Register now to get ‘Early Listing’ on the site.

If the link shows Error 404 when clicked on then that particular host placement has been removed or taken up by someone already. New host placements are being added on a daily basis so keep checking back to see any new placements that have been added.

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