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Roasted Garlic

Roasted Garlic

This “recipe” is rather forgiving in that you can adjust the number of heads of garlic used, along with the exact temperature and cook time if you choose to prepare the garlic alongside other recipes. Just be sure the garlic remains in the air fryer long enough to become soft, tender, and golden brown, without drying it out.

Roasted garlic is nice to have on hand because it can be used in so many ways to deepen and enhance the flavours of your favourite dishes. Try it in your favourite sauces and soups – or use it to make a delicious compound butter to spread on roasted vegetables, steaks, or seafood.

Ingredients (for 3 heads roasted garlic)

3 large heads garlic
1-2 T. extra virgin olive oil

Turn on the air fryer and select the “Air Crisp” function. Set the temperature to 400°F and adjust the timer to 20 minutes. Press “Start” to pre-heat the unit.

While the unit pre-heats, remove the outer papery layers from the garlic. Carefully slice off the top of each head of garlic with a sharp knife, making sure each clove is exposed.

Drizzle some olive oil onto each head of garlic and wrap each head in a small square of aluminium foil.

One the unit is pre-heated, place the prepared garlic in the air fryer basket and close the lid. After 20 minutes, check the garlic to make sure it is roasted through. If more time is necessary, re-wrap the garlic and return to the air fryer for several more minutes.

When the cook time is complete, use the roasted garlic immediately or store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to one week. Enjoy!

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