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You Don’t Want To Miss This It’s A Game Changer
Watch out for the Launch Date 6th June 23 Days and Counting

Prezentar is a brand new software that allows you to create amazing presentations and videos easier and faster than old fashioned tools like PowerPoint or Camtasia Studio with minimal effort! Prezentar is an all-in-one presentation creation software that’ll create you stunning slides, presentations and videos for all your projects in minutes! See the below for more details…

What is Prezentar?

Prezentar is a brand-new cloud-based tool that allows you to create professional presentations AND turn them into videos instantly. It’s based on templates, allowing you to log in, tweak a template and get your presentation finished in minutes, not hours!

There’s way more features and ready-made templates at your disposal than PowerPoint, Prezi, Camtasia Studio, or that other presentation/video tools offer.

The simple drag and drop editor and image cropping tool make it easy to create slides the way you want them to look, without learning tons of new features. And with the ready-made templates and huge stock library, you can create amazing presentations in just minutes, and convert them into video with a few extra clicks!

You can also record your voice over the presentations you create, edit it, plus add music and animation effects anywhere you want, right from inside the software. You won’t need to use other complicated tools as this provides an all-in-one solution.

Who is Prezentar for?

Prezentar is clearly for the busy marketer or small business owner who is looking for a fast, low cost way to pump out amazing presentations without any steep learning curves.

It’s for people like you, who just want to grab a beautiful template, drag and drop stuff around, tweak, turn it into video and then share with their audience in minutes. It’s for people who need professional presentations in a hurry, without huge upfront fees or ongoing monthly bills.

You can use Prezentar to create presentations for:

Video courses (Udemy, etc.)    Tutorials    Webinars    Demonstrations    Content Videos    Video Sales Letters (VSL’s)

YouTube videos    Facebook videos    Landing pages    Seminars and events    Pitch decks for investors    Classroom Lessons    Company Meetings    Sales & Marketing Presentations    New Client Targeting    Board Room Meetings    Breakfast Clubs    Business Network Meetings    BNI Club Intros   and more.

[FULL DEMO] Click this link to see Prezentar in action.

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