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One pint of finely-chopped cooked salt , six medium-sized potatoes, one egg, one heaping table-spoonful of butter, pepper, two table-spoonfuls of cream, or four of milk. Pare the potatoes, and put on in boiling water. Boil half an hour. Drain off all the water, turn the potatoes into the tray with the , and mash light and fine with a vegetable masher. Add
the butter, pepper, milk and eggs, and mix all very thoroughly. Taste to see if salt enough.

Shape into smooth , the size of an egg, and fry brown in boiling fat enough to float them. They will cook in three minutes. If the potatoes are very mealy it will take more milk or cream to moisten them, about two spoonfuls more. If the fat is smoking in the centre, and the are made very smooth, they will not soak fat; but if the fat is not hot enough, they certainly will. Putting too many into the fat at one time cools it. Put in say four or five. Let the fat regain its first temperature, then add more.

1 cupful salt codfish, 4 small potatoes, 1 egg, 1/2 tablespoonful butter or substitute, 1/8 teaspoonful pepper

Wash the fish in water and tear into small pieces; wash and pare the potatoes. Cook the fish and the whole potatoes together in gently boiling water, containing no salt, until the potatoes are soft. Drain and shake over the fire until dry; mash, add the beaten egg, fat, pepper, and salt (if needed), and beat until light. Take up the mixture by spoonfuls, mold slightly, and place in hot deep fat. Do not fry more than six balls at one time. Fry until brown, drain, garnish, and serve at once. White or Cheese Sauce may be served over Fish Balls. The potatoes used in fish balls may be steamed. The codfish, however, must be soaked or cooked in water.

One pint bowlful of raw fish, two heaping bowlfuls of pared potatoes, (let the potatoes be under medium size), two eggs, butter, the size of an egg, and a little pepper. Pick the fish very fine, and measure it lightly in the bowl. Put the potatoes into the boiler, and the fish on top of them; then cover with boiling water, and boil half an hour.

Drain off all the water, and mash fish and potatoes together until fine and light. Then add the butter and pepper, and the egg, well beaten. Have a deep kettle of boiling fat. Dip a table-spoon in it, and then take up a spoonful of the mixture, having care to get it into as good shape as possible. Drop into the boiling fat, and cook until brown, which should be in two minutes. Be careful not to crowd the balls, and, also, that the fat is hot enough. The spoon should be dipped in the fat every time you take a spoonful of the mixture. These balls are delicious.

One pound codfish; one and a half pound potatoes; one quarter pound butter; two eggs. Boil the fish slowly, then pound with a potato masher until very fine; add the potatoes mashed and hot; next add butter and one-half cup milk and the two eggs. Mix thoroughly, form into balls, and fry in hot fat.

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