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We’re in a New Order of Money… where obscene money-printing and inflation have twisted the normal rules of money. And in this New Order, you need to rethink your ideas about investing and saving for retirement. In this environment of fear, you need to focus on income-generating opportunities. And some of the best opportunities are in the stock market.

But this can be a minefield for the unwary an even those who are careful where they leave their footprint can sometimes be caught out. We are very much focused on finding stocks and shares that have significant potential and where the risk analysis is carried out. The difference being is the shares that are under the magnifying glass are mostly trading at $10 or less but have massive potential to grow in areas that are trending today.


Why is this import you ask well simply put- Unless you already have a massive war chest which you will need to invest in some of the higher priced blue-chip trades, you will want to get the best Return on your Investment and at the same time spread the risk. So we are focused on quality and not quantity to help our clients grow their portfolio of potential stocks that are in the current hot trend areas such as EV’s Energy, Materials, and so on.

The big difference is we conduct ‘Due Diligence’ on our recommendations which without carrying this out you may as well stick a pin in list of names as often the nuggets are unearthed when you look through their financial details and more. Such as how they compare with their competitors in their market sector, are they profitable or carry to much debt equity.


But for many potential investors they do not have the time, the professional understanding and more importantly the tools required to present the facts in a easy to understand visual format that allows you to make an informed decision on which companies to invest in that represents a good opportunity to show growth on your investment and equally what signals to look for when to buy and when to sell. We do and for a minimum investment in our service we will supply you one red hot tip that is a sure fire winner and you would want to get in on.

We have our ears to the ground in specific market sectors looking for the nuggets from which we are then able to check out a series of checks before we put the stock forward but the key is the initial share price and at what point are we in the Earnings Calendar.


People say we could charge hundreds or even more for the information we are able to pull together which will confirm a buy or sell signal but we are not interested in that. Instead we want to help the average person who is struggling with the cost of living.

So for a limited time we are offering our Stocks And Shares Services at £50 to include our Red Hot Tip, we will also put forward other standout recommendations like this one The #1 Stock for the $130 Trillion Energy Revolution and also we will analyse any of the companies shares you already hold or are thinking of purchasing in the future.

Just to buy the tools to analyse the financial data once you have scoured through the company accounts and balance sheets you are talking hundreds of pounds and then you have to be able to understand and make sense of the numbers for which we will do for you and present our findings in an easy to understand and follow process.

One thing for sure is We’re in a New Order of Money and for many people they will fall through the cracks and we are offering an alternative to funding your retirement through investment but without the hefty fees often associated but ensuring that risks are calculated to allow you to make the decision on whether you want to proceed with your investment.


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