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Selling/Renting/Swapping/Houses/Flats/Residential or Commercial Properties

There are many people who are selling their houses or advertising rental who are looking for tenants. If we focus on the sales aspect, Sellers will sell their either through through an Estate Agent or they will look to sell Privately.

There are pro’s and cons for both option, firstly the main benefit if you sell Private is you cut out the need to pay the Estate Agent’s fees and also not be limited to sole agency or multiple agency choices which varies the fees charged on the sale price, often from O.75% to 3.0% but these vary dependent on the location, the service offered and of course the Estate Agent used. But don’t be fooled by appearances. While percentages like 0.75% look small, when applied to a heft amount, they’re actually quite a bit.

However, using an Estate Agent does mean they will advertise on other national platforms like Zoopla and RightMove where your property will be among the many hundreds of thousands on the database. They will also do local advertising with signage and mail shots and will be included in their portfolio and allocated an individual to manage your sale. Not only do  Estate Agents come at cost, but it’s usually quite a hefty one too.

People can chose to sell their property without using an Estate Agent and promote this on other platforms and through social media networks. This negates the need for Estate Agency fees but does require a certain amount of marketing on the Sellers behalf. This is where our new service could really benefit a house seller.

Over the past decade, selling a house privately has gradually become more ‘on trend’, as buyers elbow agents aside in search of superior speed and efficiency. So ever since Sellers found out that selling your house privately can not only save time, but money too, they’ve jumped at the chance. Selling a house privately without an agent can actually be pretty easy once you know how but you need to take the time to learn what are the main requirements to do so.

Firstly you need to increase the Sale-ability before putting your house on the market. Before even considering marketing your property to buyers, you first need to ensure its looking its best.

Secondly structure your price realistically as price is one of, if not the most important part of the entire operation, as your price very often directly influences your level of interest. Remember it is easier to reduce a price than it is to increase a market price, but it must reflect the true accurate price expected to receive a genuine offer.

Check out what’s currently on the market in your local area. By doing so you’re looking for comparable with roughly the same square footage, number of bedrooms, size of garden, parking spaces etc to reach your realistic price point. In the end, a property is only worth what someone is willing to pay, despite whether you’re using an agent or selling a house privately.

One way to check this out would be to gauge where your property fits pricewise, is enter the role of the buyer yourself. You’ve done your market research (just like a buyer would) and now all you have to do is take a tour of your house, but through the eyes of someone who’s not seen it before.

Thirdly ensure you showcase to the seller your house in its best light. The photographs should reflect the property to its best.  They’re ultimately the main form of property market for attracting buyers, so it’s essential they’re up to a professional standard. Consider these pictures as your ‘shop window’ and this is where using our services can really make the marketing of your property stand out from the crowd.

Fourthly is around the marketing and how you choose to market your property. when it comes to marketing your property, don’t underestimate the power of social media too. There’s a strong online community around property, which if you tap into, could well be the source of a quick sale. Equally, offline marketing is still something you should consider. Be it to put a board yourself or signage up outside, use the power of the Internet and again this is where we can help to add value for you.

Once you have gained interest in your property then you would move to the next steps around actual viewing, negotiation  techniques and involvement of Solicitors etc. But to get to this stage will require the first four steps to be managed by the Seller to give them the best possible chance to complete the sale.


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