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Web 3.0 Crypto Platforms

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Over the last seven years, Teeka Tiwari has become one of the biggest authorities in crypto…

In 2016, he recommended Bitcoin at $428.

In 2017, he recommended Neo, and it shot up 151,000% (turning $1,000 into $1.5 million).

And because of his track record, he was voted the #1 most trusted man in crypto by a panel of 130,000 worldwide. Teeka says “Web3 will be a paradigm shift for the internet. Anyone using Web3 can make a loan, borrow money, transfer real estate, or even trade fractions of the value of famous paintings with a click of the mouse. Blockchain technology makes all this effortlessly possible”.

At its simplest, the blockchain is an online ledger that tracks transactions. And it has three main advantages over traditional internet networks…

First, it’s decentralised. That means data isn’t stored in one place – it’s distributed. So blockchains are harder to hack than centralised databases, which keep data all in one place.

Second, it uses state-of-the-art encryption. So transactions are much safer.

Finally, it’s peer-to-peer. This allows individuals to transact with one another without an intermediary or middleman – lowering costs.

As mentioned before I am no Professional Money Broker or financial analyst but what I am is a Realist and someone who has vision and an analytical knowledge ( well I was in forecasting logistics, responsible for a portfolio on many millions for my old company RS Components ) so do understand a thing or two about analysis as well as having a strong business acumen from the many years and experiences I have managed in retail and distribution as well as running my own companies. I also understand trends and patterns and how the components piece together. My understanding from what I learnt on the day and my own conclusions are shown below.

Firstly it is important to have a little knowledge about what the Ownership Economy (O.E.) represents. In a nutshell anyone who owns a piece of the infrastructure gets paid for its use. You can liken this to a private toll road, the road is open to all to use but it comes at a fixed price which goes to the owners of the toll road. So for example anyone who uses an online service such as emailing, streaming or purchasing at the checkout will likely be using the new infrastructure in some way or other. The owners of the infrastructure will get paid. This is already happening with some online games like Fortnite or Candy Crush where you can purchase extra items and the online payment goes to the game developers.

It is expected that with the tsunami wave of new customers  that the financial institutions will bring to the world of digital currency for their first time that the take up rate will be so much faster than that of the internet and in fact as the graph shows it is likely to be more than twice the take up rate  and today where we have 300 million users of crypto currency it is expected that by 2030 the number will be more like 5 Billion that means many of them will be newbies into the world of digital crypto currency.

The first platform of growth will be the area around building the actual network and for that there are many parts that have to be brought together as part of the project teams. It will need to be built using AGILE approach and this is where a lot of investment is required to support the ETF and seed companies who are designing the plumbing and which will be the backbone of the new infrastructure.

The second platform that offers an amazing opportunity is the world of video gaming and how this interacts with the new financial infrastructure as video gaming is by far the biggest wealth creator and people get paid top play online games already so are used to this new Ownership Economy. That’s not to say it is the only platform being looked at, far from it but it certainly is high on the list as are the financial services themselves as described in the Investors Notes see here.

The third platform is that where the old and the new technologies can be brought together so that the old legacy system can work alongside ( at least for a period of time ) the new infrastructure. Then likely websites will need updating to accommodate the new ecommerce that will surely follow. Already for example Tiffany’s, Adidas, Nike, Real Madrid, Barcelona FC’s are known to be taking  up this new form of transactions. But not through themselves but rather have partnered up with another company who will manage the transactions for them through the pipework. This represents a whole new industry for budding web designers and such who will designing and re-building mobile optimised websites . Already for example I know of a new mobile phone that is built around the idea of blockchain technology to take advantage of the new opportunity for people to trade in a secure environment on their smart phone.

The Web 3.0 will be offering so much more than before and the pace is rapid and with so many new projects that are being worked on  currently to be able to offer new services and represents new opportunities for designers, project builders, and the user, it will be hard to sort the chaff from the wheat. Of course not all projects will be winners and there will be some who fall by the wayside or get overtaken by their rivals. But there are 3 standout companies right now and I am offering a package that is nothing like $5,000 or even $2,500 but for anyone who want’s to learn more and to be given the 3 names I have identified then they can join my select members group for the sum of just £50. I will also include 3 more names of other companies that represent a considerable opportunity and explain why. See here for more details.


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