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Web 3.0 Crypto Investors Notes

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But to this you need to be aware of the market opportunity and this is where it is necessary to do your research to be able to identify the companies to target.

So understanding timing is right, the Federal Reserve this week will increase interest rates in US causing people to withdraw their shares in crypto and everything else and will see a lot of company share prices enter the bear market. Sharks in form of venture capital fund asset fund managers circling. You should understand the below:
There are in effect 3 Economies:
1*  The Real World Economy we live and breathe everyday.
2 * The Money Economy for wealthy individuals institutions etc.
3 * The Financial Economy for the banks and tech world being built under the covers of new start ups, private, companies all supported by Government and Asset fund managers who are ploughing money into projects to create the New World Order Reset.
Inside this are then subsets for Fintech, Green Energy, New Medical Research, Electric Vehicles, Energy Projects, Defence Projects, Building & Infrastructure and others all of which offer various opportunities and feed into the bigger picture.
All of the above are being carried out as AGILE projects which come together. DAVOS and Gloabal meetings like WEF forums are used to update the Gatekeepers of these Projects which are the key names you hear mentioned in the media. Because of smoke and mirrors the media is kept busy focused on other areas and not looking to see how wealthy individuals are piling into their funds through institutions and sitting back waiting for these projects to come together and can benefit from increasing share prices and price disruptions to the market.

At some point these small seed companies get bought up and the Investors then get a reduction on their tax and other benefits. When they get to a certain size they are either ploughed into by Institution Funds or find themselves subject to acquisition which likely sees another share price climb and possibly fall into Private Ownership.So in effect the money is being sucked out of other companies either by individuals who are struggling to cope or by asset fund managers who then reinvest their clients money into other areas i.e. Fintech. Now you see why I am focused on the US and on NASDAQ and keeping ear to the ground. The US is the metronome and the UK & EU markets follow the pace.

That’s why I was feeling pumped at my first investment yesterday that was one key piece that has the backing of one investment fund value 140 Billion as well as Black Rock Goldman Sachs and BNY Mellion plus many more smaller ones so it must be a strategic part of the jigsaw. Price paid around 30 GBP a share which is double the amount I would invest normally but the returns based on the video seems worthwhile as I can see this company being heavily supported even if a buyout was on the cards. That’s the sort of opportunity I like.

Fair to say I am one smart cuckoo and not some bird brain and also can empathise and have a creative and visionary outlook but my main strength is my ability to analyse and to look for trends behind the obvious and to take on new challenges and to support others where I am able to do so. Face up to bullies and can put my case and argue strongly with factual evidence to back up my case if necessary.

Not bad tools etc to have and that doesn’t include my mentoring coaching project manager ability to work individually or as part of a team and my own leadership skills. The negatives against are my health and my age but can’t do much about that. So you can rest assured that when you become part of my select group I will have your best interest at the heart of everything I do and the advice offered will be of the highest quality.

Find out more on how you can join my own private network of investors for a modest fee and learn not just how to trade shares but more importantly the names of the specially selected companies to build your portfolio, or I can manage your portfolio on your behalf for a small fee. Either way you will get the names of some top investment opportunities to boost your retirement wealth fund. See more here>>> 

I am pumped like you would never believe it. People that know me will know I do a lot of research before I reach a considered opinion and will often look for evidence to clarify what my instinct and gut feels are telling me. Now I am not putting myself out there as a Professional Broker but these guys are. What I am able to do is to analyse and dig deep and examine the facts laid out before me.

So the 28th Jan 2023 could yet turn out to be one of those momentous and life changing events that comes around very rarely. I took the opportunity to listen to a webinar by two of the worlds top gurus in the world of Crypto. I have always stayed clear myself and understand little but I was intrigued to learn something about this new world I was hearing about.

At the end of the webinar the names of 3 companies whose share prices right now are very low were offered at a price of $2,500 reduced from $5,000 but to only 1,000 takers. In less than  12 hours all 1,000 seats at the table were taken. That’s a cool $2.5 million for this information and a few other bits they were offering. Now you can rest assured I didn’t fork out $2,500 but I was able to identify the 3 companies from what I learned. I then carried out my top down research and confirmed indeed what I had learn’t about each company was genuine.

Teeka claims and I have no reason to doubt after seeing his credentials that he has made more people Crypto Millionaires and Graham has a track record from the very beginning and consults with top Businessmen around the globe and again I have no reason to doubt his credentials along with their individual and combined knowledge in this space.

What I learned on that day made me sit up and take notice and makes perfect logical sense if you can block out the noise you get from  the mainstream media who nearly always are working their own agenda or purely have the facts wrong. But what I found out will impact on every signal person and business not just here in the UK or in the West but across the globe over the next few years with what is happening right now. It will impact on nearly every facet of our lives.

But it will also represent a tremendous opportunity for some people who recognise it and get on the bus and travel with it over the next few years and right now the price of the ticket is comparatively low compared to the potential returns that could be made. As Teeka showed in 2016 and 2018 the same combination happened and those people who jumped on and have a lot with many within a few years making one million plus for small outlays when they jumped aboard and brought their ticket back then.

Fidelity Investments is set to release a zero-fee crypto exchange for retail investors.

The asset management company is to offer a new service called Fidelity Crypto that allows retail investors to trade bitcoin (BTC-USD) and ether (ETH-USD) commission-free.

“Fidelity Crypto is your opportunity to buy and sell bitcoin and ethereum in the Fidelity Investments app,” Fidelity said on its website.

“A meaningful portion of Fidelity customers are already interested in and own crypto.” Fidelity did not provide an exact launch date for its new crypto exchange,

Fidelity serves around 40 million individual investors and is one of the world’s largest brokerage firms. As of December 2021, Fidelity had around $11.8tn (£10.3tn) in assets under its administration.

The news comes after BNY Mellon, the oldest bank in the US, claimed in a recent research report that 70% of institutional clients will invest in crypto when “services like custody and execution are available from recognised, trusted institutions.”Fidelity Crypto could provide meet institutional and retail investors’ need for well recognised and trusted crypto custodian services and also become a major competitor to existing cryptocurrency exchanges.

Meta is now letting users post their Ethereum and Polygon NFTs on Facebook and Instagram. The tech giant is allowing its users to connect their crypto wallets to their Facebook and Instagram social media platforms. The ability to link up with crypto-wallets will mean that social media users can begin to post their NFTs that were minted on the Ethereum (ETH-USD), Polygon (MATIC-USD) and Flow networks.


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