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Over the last seven years, Teeka Tiwari has become one of the biggest authorities in crypto…

In 2016, he recommended Bitcoin at $428.

In 2017, he recommended Neo, and it shot up 151,000% (turning $1,000 into $1.5 million).

And because of his track record, he was voted the #1 most trusted man in crypto by a panel of 130,000 worldwide. Teeka says “The media is full of headlines calling bitcoin a Ponzi scheme or proclaiming the death of crypto as we know it. But those so-called experts are overlooking a significant crypto catalyst. You see, while the broader crypto market is down and many casual investors are selling their positions, institutional investors are RACING into crypto…”

Fidelity is adding crypto access to its retirement accounts…

Goldman Sachs has stated publicly that it plans to spend tens of millions of dollars buying up bargain crypto firms…

JPMorgan has officially registered a trademark for its own crypto wallet…

And Berkshire Hathaway (Warren Buffet) has taken a $500 million stake in a digital bank offering its own cryptocurrency.

So again, moving into crypto now could be like buying Amazon for $6 after it fell 93% in the dot-com crash.

I have already mentioned how I became aware of the enigma surrounding crypto currency and trading platforms right now, what with the exposure and subsequent demise of FTX and a good number of other trading crypto brokers being frozen out of the market, now would clearly not be the time  to be looking to get into crypto, only an idiot would think so. Yet most people who know me would say I am no idiot but here I am looking to invest my own money into the crypto market have I lost my marbles. If you listen to the mainstream media the death knoll is sounding for crypto and many people are dumping their crypto currencies and getting out of this space. And yet something on the surface that seems illogical is happening at the same time and it is only when you dig much deeper that logical thinking can return and then it all begins to make sense. I will try to explain in simple terms where this is leading to and why it is happening.

As the above shows Institutions are investing in crypto right at the same time as everyone else is getting out, it is the equivalent of a people rushing out of the burning house whilst at the same time these Institutions responsible for countless thousands, millions and billions of fund money from pension funds, wealthy individuals, corporations and the like are rushing towards the burning house with suitcases of other people’s money and are vying with each other for the biggest slice of the pie. It just doesn’t make any sense or does it. When you understand the bigger picture it all becomes clear but it is like a jigsaw and you have to put the pieces together to make it all fit.

During 2021 and 2022 Venture Capitalists were pouring money into the crypto market and we all saw the rise of the various crypto currencies but now they have been joined by the real players in the market, the giants of the financial world not just in the UK or in the US but across the globe, what is going on can be likened to prospecting for gold in the US Gold Rush but the stampede is still to come and when it does the price of digital currency will rocket or will it.

But before I carry on I wan’t to give you a few facts to give you a better understanding of these giants who have entered into the crypto market and why they carry so much weight.

Firstly a little know company BNY Mellion ( I profess I had never heard of them before) but they are responsible for servicing 90 of the top 100 banks in the world and have around 47 Trillion Dollars entrusted to them which is the equivalent of one fifth of the world’s wealth. They are to offer crypto services to their customers for the first time.

This is the equivalent of a single country lane being expanded into a 16 lane major highway to pave the way for financial institutions to get access to crypto currencies but in a complaint way that has secure trading features and is backed by the largest financial institutions.

Fidelity again not a name I recognise is responsible for 40 million retirement accounts have entered the crypto market.

Black Rock who I do recognise as one of the top financial investors and are responsible for some 10 Trillion Dollars of funding for their clients have added Bitcoin  to their funds are are heavily investing and have massive investment funds.

JP Morgan have just requested a Trademark as their Crypto Wallet becomes part of their main bank account activities.

These are just a few names but you can see that with these major financial institutions backing crypto and piling in that crypto currency like Bitcoin will likely exceed previous record highs of $70,000 dollars.

When you look at the whole story right now crypto currencies are falling and we are in a bear market where media pressure and the noise around FTX and other digital currency brokers has pressured the prices of the crypto currencies to fall but in truth what is happening is that the cowboys are being run out of town. The whole platform is being cleaned up and becoming much more professional as you would expect from a financial platform responsible for your wealth.

You can liken this to what happened with the growth of the internet and in fact mirrors where we are at today in the world of crypto. Today there are around 300 million users of crypto the same sort of number at the beginning of the dot com era but it is expected to see around 5 Billion users by 2030 which is about half the world’s population.

It is clear that the bigger picture will be for bank customers  to be introduced and with new banking infrastructure ensuring secure and fast transactions as well as traceability offered it will make our money safer and more secure. With ever more scam operations people need to feel their money is safe. Up to now crypto has been a roller caoster but with new compliance laws and the new era of Web 3.0 and all that it offers, you can see how this will be rolled out. Once the banks customers start to have access to their own wallets and are able to buy the digital currency on the banks own platform that is where the real stampede will begin.

The financial services and businesses will see their transactions go from several days to a few hours or sooner to transfer huge sums and is expected to save Billions for these companies. The financial sectors will be re-shaped and re-built from the old legacy system platforms built in the 60’s and 70’s to the new financial banking infrastructure that offers more secure transactional and faster payments for their customers and for their industry.

The potential growth and the new development offered will drive the crypto market and the stakes are huge. Phenomenal growth can be expected and is why the financial institutions, wealthy individuals and venture capital are piling in as they do not want to miss the opportunity that can be likened to the dot com era is affording them and their clients.  FOMO  (Fear Of Missing Out) is kicking in and whilst the media is reporting the demise of crypto and many individuals have been spooked this represents a bear market like never before and is never going to be repeated ( as once the crypto platforms are seen to be supported by the large names like American Express, Visa, JP Morgan etc people will no longer doubt the validity of crpto currency.

Even the world leaders and Governments including our own King Charles, Presidents, Politicians are behind this change and at a previous Davos Summit they were given a presentation session on how Digital Currency was to be embraced and the impact it would have on their countries population.  So now maybe you can see why I am pumped as this represents a bear market like no other.

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